Ensuring Academic Integrity

Is your academic institution at risk of passing students that do not deserve to pass? Iris Invigilation is a solution that detects a wide range of academic misconduct actions and provides course supervisors with a % probability of fraud for each invigilated assessment.

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Face recognition with ID verification

Detect eye movement and viewing other devices

Full & summary Video and Audio recording

Detection of multiple windows and applications

Multiple face recognition & audio detection

Integration to external Student Information Systems (SIS)

Geolocate students completing exams with proximity flagging

Room scan function to check surroundings before starting an exam

Allow for multiple integrity checks on reviewed recordings

Filter assessments based on % probability of academic misconduct

Some of our clients

Before Iris...

“We assessed that incidents involving cheating or academic misconduct could have been as high as 30%.”

After Iris...

“IRIS has assisted us with reducing this to less than 1% – in the classroom and online.”