My mic and or webcam is still not being detected by IRIS

You can try following solutions for general mic and or webcam issues irrespective of the Operating System you are using:

a) General issues with audio/video/desktop feeds can be encountered during all steps of the setup wizard as the inputs start receiving data. If all of a sudden, you see the error screen, it might again be due to the mic/cam permissions. If it’s not that, then another thing to check is that you can use your mic/cam in a 3rd party Chrome webpage. This is a good tool to use:

b) If still having issues with the cam/mic, check if your camera and mic works using a 3rd party program such as Skype, this is a good way to rule out cam/mic issues. Around 95% of the mic/cam issues are due to the users’ mic/cam permissions either in browser or set by OS for MAC users.

c) Sometimes, 3rd party programs lock access to the cam and mic. You can try restart the machine/computer. When you log back in, only open the necessary programs they need to run the plugin (ideally just Chrome/Edge). This might free up access to use the cam/mic.