What is Iris?

IRIS Invigilation (IRIS) is a software program that helps provide educators assurance of assessment integrity during online and remote assessment. IRIS records audio, video, and computer screen activity for the duration of a test/exam. It analyses this information using machine learning and automatically flags potential academic dishonesty displaying the data in an easy to use reporting dashboard.

Iris Key Features

Cost Effective

A reasonably priced proctoring option suitable for any size business or industry. Affordable peace of mind for assessors.

Remote Proctoring

Allows test-takers to work remotely opening up education opportunities to anyone, anywhere in the world. No need for brick and mortar testing centres.

A Flexible Alternative

An excellent alternative to traditional real-time invigilation solutions. An applicable proctoring option for lower, medium or higher education exams, tests or quizzes.

Advanced Technology

The technology is secure, easy to use, and requires very little in the way of software infrastructure due to its efficient browser-based design.

Technical Support

Ongoing technical support offered to integrate IRIS software with your current systems. A step-by-step guide available for users at assessment time.

Identify Verification

Accurate authentication of test-takers before their assessment using automated identity verification.

How does Iris work?

IRIS records video of the students face throughout their proctored exam tracking head and eye movement. IRIS records the audio from the student computer’s microphone video from their webcam, and takes successive screenshots of what the student is seeing on their computer screen. Facial markers are identified and tracked; categorising and distinguishing innocent behaviours from dishonest behaviours.

Why was Iris created?

Traditional methods of real-time invigilation are expensive and time-consuming for educators and assessors. IRIS targets or “flags” videos that need evaluation to prioritise students who require further investigation and keep staff workloads manageable.

IRIS was developed by the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) in conjunction with Curtin University in Western Australia. EIT is now the sole education partner of IRIS internationally and utilises the software to invigilate online assessments and exams of 1600 students from over 140 countries. Curtin University continue to use the software in several faculties.

About EIT

The Engineering Institute of Technology is one of the only institutes in the world specialising in engineering and provides industry focused microcredentials, diplomas, bachelor’s and master’s degrees.  Accredited as both a registered training organization and Australian higher education provider, EIT’s online and on-campus programs are delivered via a unique methodology that makes use of an international pool of expert lecturers, dedicated learning support officers, and provides students access to cutting-edge simulation software alongside physical and virtual laboratories.