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Students:  please check with your department as to which version to install.

Setting Up Instructions

Iris Browser Plugin

Iris Desktop App

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MAC Browser Plugin

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MAC Desktop App

Setting up your exam environment

  • Most IMPORTANT – Make sure your workspace is well lit
  • Use a quiet room with limited background noise
  • Do not wear headphones, IRIS needs to hear what you hear
  • Don’t have music playing
  • When IRIS is active you will see a pop up window showing the image visible through your web camera
  • When IRIS can make out your face it will draw an outline on top of your image and begin tracking your position.
  • If IRIS can’t see your face, a red warning bar will show in the IRIS pop up window

How to reduce and minimise suspicious behaviour flags

  • Make sure your face is clearly visible at all times.
  • Make sure your workspace is well lit, and that no one else is present or likely to walk past.
  • Make sure your facial features are clearly visible in the camera view, and that your head is distinguishable from the background. You might need to adjust the lighting.
  • Don’t wear a hat or anything that can darken or obscure your face.
  • Always face the screen and camera, avoid looking around as IRIS tracks your eyes.
  • Try to avoid covering your face with your hand.
  • Try not to slouch in your chair.

Iris FAQs

This is likely to be a Chrome or Edge browser permissions issue. Sometimes users click “do not allow” accidentally or on purpose while the browser is asking for permission to use mic or webcam. Follow these steps:

  1. a) Type this into the Chrome or Edge address bar to get to the mic and camera permissions: chrome://settings/content or edge://settings/content
  2. b) Click on either Camera or Microphone
  3. c) Chrome – Ensure IRIS is in the Allow list and not Blocked

Edge – Make sure your site permissions for camera and mic are set to “Ask first” and not set to “Blocked”.

You can try following solutions for general mic and or webcam issues irrespective of the Operating System you are using:

a) General issues with audio/video/desktop feeds can be encountered during all steps of the setup wizard as the inputs start receiving data. If all of a sudden, you see the error screen, it might again be due to the mic/cam permissions. If it’s not that, then another thing to check is that you can use your mic/cam in a 3rd party Chrome webpage. This is a good tool to use:

b) If still having issues with the cam/mic, check if your camera and mic works using a 3rd party program such as Skype, this is a good way to rule out cam/mic issues. Around 95% of the mic/cam issues are due to the users’ mic/cam permissions either in browser or set by OS for MAC users.

c) Sometimes, 3rd party programs lock access to the cam and mic. You can try restart the machine/computer. When you log back in, only open the necessary programs they need to run the plugin (ideally just Chrome/Edge). This might free up access to use the cam/mic.

It is strongly recommended to go through demo test at least a week before your actual test. It is also recommended that you run the demo test on the same machine/computer you will sit in actual test. This allows you to test your webcam, microphone and audio in order to smoothly run the actual test. You will also have sufficient time to troubleshoot or report any possible technical issues you might encounter.

To conduct a hassle free test via IRIS, it is recommended that you should avoid using your work computer and use a personal/home device instead. Work computers might be locked down by corporate security department in many different ways. This could cause issues, as could the corporate VPN or WIFI if you are doing the test from work.

Students should ensure that they submit their test within the Learning Management System (Blackboard, Moodle). IRIS self-submits the recording of the test when you submit your assessment.

Once you complete and submit your test within the Learning Management System (Blackboard, Moodle), IRIS will self-submit and auto upload your recordings.

Please take a screenshot of the error or the recordings page if possible. Then contact your lecturer or tutor as soon as possible to let them know about the issue. Attach the screenshot for troubleshooting and evidence of your attempt.

Students are required to use a student ID to take a test using IRIS. If you do not have your ID and the test is time dependent, use another form of identification such as a drivers licence or passport. Contact the lecturer as soon as possible and let them know about the issue.

Please follow these steps:

a) Re-open the plugin by navigating back to the assessment start page (or by clicking the Open Plugin button in the top-right context icon)

b) Then click the [Finalise Recording] button and then click [Manual Upload]


a) Please ensure you have properly completed the setup and clicked [Start Invigilation]. Sometimes this requires you to click on the image of the screen before you are select the [Start Invigilation] button.

b) If you have not done this, restart your machine and try again.

c) If you still face the same issue, contact your lecturer/support.

If you only have 4GB RAM and the OS is a 32 bit version then probably not. 4GB RAM with a 64 bit OS will likely be OK assuming there’s no other issues with your machine.

No, IRIS is for Windows or Mac browsers only.

Google Chrome is fully supported in Linux. Students may use the Chrome extension version but not the desktop version of IRIS. However, best check running on Linux environment prior to the exam.

IRIS Troubleshooting

User cannot click the Share button because it is greyed out:
User needs to click on the screenshot mirror image inside sharing pop up for share to be allowed.

CHROME: In your Chrome URL bar, enter: chrome://settings/content/camera
Then check that IRIS is under the allow column.

EDGE: In your Edge URL bar, enter: edge://settings/content/camera

Then check that your camera is set to “Ask first” and not set to “Blocked”

If all seems fine, close and restart Chrome/Edge, and try the test again.

If it still does not work, read through the troubleshooting FAQs below and re-read your student instructions and double-check you followed them step by step. You can try emailing your teacher/lecturer or the technical support at your institution. If support staff cannot solve the issue they will contact the IRIS technical team directly to troubleshoot your issue. 

Mac users may have a permissions issue due to MAC OS, which is another layer of permissions not set by Chrome browser. Please try following steps to resolve the issue:

a) General Instructions:

(1) Open up System Preferences on your computer. (You can use Spotlight Search to find this quickly by hitting the Command + Space keys)

(2) Open Security & Privacy, Under the Privacy Tab select Camera

(3) If you see Google Chrome unchecked, check it in

(4) Select the Microphone option and do the same. Make sure Google Chrome is checked in to let IRIS access your microphone

b) For MAC 10.15 OSX

 (1) Go to System Preferences

(2) Locate Security & Privacy

(3) Locate Screen Recording and tick the box to allow Google Chrome

(4) Save changes by clicking the padlock.

(5) Close all Chrome applications and launch again

c) For MAC OSX 10.14 (1) Go to System Preferences

(2) Locate Sharing

(3) Enable Screen Sharing for all users

(4) Save changes
(5) Close all Chrome applications and launch again

  1. Press start button, search and open Windows Settings app
  2. Go to Settings > Privacy Settings
  3. Under App Permissions > Camera
    1. Ensure that “Allow access to the camera on this device” is set to on
    2. Ensure that “Allow apps to access your camera” is set to on
    3. Ensure that “Allow desktop apps to access your camera” is set to on
  4. Under App Permissions > Microphone
    1. Ensure that “Allow access to the microphone on this device” is set to on
    2. Ensure that “Allow apps to access your microphone” is set to on
    3. Ensure that “Allow desktop apps to access your microphone” is set to on
  1. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy
  2. Under Privacy tab
    1. Camera
      1. Ensure that Google Chrome is checked under Allow apps to access your camera
      2. Ensure that IRIS is checked under Allow apps to access your camera (if debugging for IRIS Desktop)
    2. Microphone
      1. Ensure that Google Chrome is checked under Allow apps to access your microphone
      2. Ensure that IRIS is checked under Allow apps to access your microphone (if debugging for IRIS Desktop)
    3. Screen Recording
      1. Ensure that Google Chrome is checked under Allow apps to access your microphone
      2. Ensure that IRIS is checked under Allow apps to access your microphone (if debugging for IRIS Desktop)

Improper Chrome/Edge Extension Permissions

Users who do not agree to share the webcam/microphone to IRIS extension on first load might have device detection issues in the first form.
  1. Depending on browser:
    1. If in Google Chrome go to chrome://settings/content/siteDetails?site=chrome-extension%3A%2F%2Fjmgacjgobknfojonlckhndlamkfcjofm
    2. If in Microsoft Edge go to edge://settings/content/siteDetails?site=chrome-extension%3A%2F%2Fchphdklgmaifnadijkfcbmenhmjgjmfe
  2. Ensure that the following permissions are correct:
    1. Camera: Allow
    2. Microphone: Allow
Users can log into LMS but are looking for the quiz password
Inform the user that they need to install IRIS and run a proctored session. IRIS will auto-fill the password for them when proctoring starts.