New Feature: Upload Manager in IRIS

We are excited to announce that IRIS Invigilation, the leading software product for online exam proctoring, has launched a new version of the invigilation software, which allows you to manage your uploads more efficiently and effectively. This feature is especially useful for users who experience intermittent internet speeds or connectivity issues during their exams. 

You can access the “Manage Uploads” button on the bottom left of the invigilation window. 

With the new version of IRIS Invigilation, you can: 

  • Pause and resume your uploads at any time, without losing any data or compromising the integrity of your exam. 
  • Monitor the progress and status of your uploads and get notified when they are completed successfully or if there are any errors or issues. 
  • Review and verify your uploaded files, and make sure they match the requirements and expectations of your exam provider. 

The screenshot demonstrates the ability to “pause” any outstanding assessments that have yet to be uploaded in yellow. 

When an assessment has been successfully uploaded, then it will display under the “Assessments Uploaded” section in green. 

These benefits will help you save time, reduce stress, and ensure that your exam recordings are submitted correctly and securely. You can also enjoy a smoother and more seamless invigilation experience, with fewer interruptions and distractions. 

To access the new version of IRIS Invigilation, you will need to update your software to the latest version. This should occur automatically, but if you want to force the update, then please uninstall and reinstall the extension. We recommend that you do this as soon as possible, before your next scheduled invigilated assessment. 

We hope that you will find the new version of IRIS Invigilation useful and convenient. We are always working to improve our software and services, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for choosing IRIS Invigilation for your online exam proctoring needs.