The biggest threat to Academic Integrity

Over the last year we have seen a vast number of AI based study tools become available. They are promoted as apps to enhance the learning experience of students, with the capacity to broaden knowledge and stimulate creative thought.

While the companies invested in the tools provide this positive spin, universities and colleges are desperately working to mitigate the negative impact they have on academic integrity.

Students are applying the tools to advance their studies dishonestly and the results are far-reaching:

  • They undermine the cognitive and conceptual growth of students
  • They disadvantage those students who cannot or will not access them
  • They ultimately undermine the productivity of industries and businesses who are dependent on well-qualified graduates

There are assessment methods to circumnavigate the misuse of AI, but most are tenuous at best and almost impossible at scale.  

And yet, universities and colleges must take control if they are to remain sustainable and valued.

There are a range of ideas emerging to combat the misuse of AI during assessments, but two stand out:

  1. Presenting assessment content to a panel of experts
  2. Invigilating all written assignment work – to deter and detect the use of AI tools

The second option – when a software is employed – tends to conjure the spectre of big brother. In an environment becoming increasingly engulfed by AI this squeamishness should be quelled. The use of a software that proctors students means they can truly shine, with the integrity of their work assured.

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