Proctoring international students with internet restrictions

Issues with restricted internet

Proctoring international students has recently become more difficult with increased governmental controls. A restricted internet infrastructure makes a lot of sense and allows for greater control by governments. However, this causes issues for foreign academic institutions who have students within these countries, specifically  around maintaining academic integrity.

The argument is that it is better to have a government manage what can be access online rather than be controlled by big-tech with more sinister intentions. Especially as these commercial entities do not report to the people and gather data beyond borders.

How to invigilate foreign students with restricted internet conditions

There are several issues around foreign students using a VPN to enable invigilation. One of these is the effected speed and connectivity.

Students are using Iris Invigilation in all countries including China and Bhutan.

The developers at Iris are not exploiting any loophole or hacking to gain access to enable foreign students to run the application. It is a matter of web permissions and the fact that Iris runs on top of the learning management system rather than being imbedded by code.

Proctoring international students with Iris can be accomplished through a wide range of learning management systems (Moodle, Canvas, DTL, Sakai etc…).

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